Amy Hartsock: A Profile in Marketing

May 15, 2017
Amy HartsockEven back in the days when Amy Hartsock was growing up playing sports and goofing off in San Antonio, Texas, she demonstrated a drive to succeed that made her stand out. These days, you can find Amy Hartsock living in the Dallas Metroplex with her husband and her children, where she tries hard to stay fit. At the same time, she also plays music. As a highly skilled musician, playing guitar and cello proficiently, she and her husband like to write and play. Since he is a sound engineer, Any considers it a perfect fit. In fact, she has been known to describe her current family life as a "perfect triangle." However, when it comes to her chosen career of marketing, Amy has demonstrated an extremely strong desire to succeed and to be the best marketing profession possible for her clients.

That drive to be the best has repeatedly appeared throughout her life and her career. Amy Hartsock earned a BBA in Marketing in 1998, and she has been certified as a Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) by the Society of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) for quite some time. Now that Amy Hartsock’s career has been a long one, exceeding a decade and racing toward two, she shows everyone why experience is the best teacher, as she has become a mainstay in the areas of marketing, communications, and graphic design.

Her experience and her growing portfolio have allowed Amy Hartsock to became an enormously effective manager of virtually all aspects of marketing for any organization or individual. That includes setting up branding efforts and making the most effective use of media. Over time, Amy has demonstrated an ability to do almost anything in her field and to do it well.